O Kor?uli

++  T A X I  &  G L A S S   B O A T   " A Q U A R I U S "

         Have a nice cruising around our riviera,  with staying for a swim or lunch on your wish.
See our beautifull sea bottom with our glass boat "Aquarius", daily or night

Classic tour (about 1,5 h) = 5 Eur per person

           e-mail: nikola.curac@du.htnet.hr
           GSM: +385 (0)91 769 7007
                    +385 (0)91 891 7085
           Tel:   +385 (0)20 711 816

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Zahvaljujem Turisti?koj zajednici grada Kor?ule koja je dozvolila kori?tenje njihovog teksta o opisu otoka, grada Kor?ule i okolnih mjesta.